RDJ related graphics

Sooo, since I'm dead bored and my lazyness is on its heigth (my school marks are dropping constantly since a few months *sighs*) I made some icons again after... well a looong time.

[01-10] Random Robert Downey Jr. (one with Jude Law)
[11-] Iron Man (movie and Iron Man 2 teaser)

[02] FO Banners (Iron Man)


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My new obsession

Soooo, I might just update this community occasionally although I kind of dropped out of my personal journal... But I felt like opening photoshop again and since my newest obsession has so many great pictures, I couldn't help but make a wallpaper.

I present you: ROBERT DOWNEY JR.!

1440*900 1280*800 1024*768

Resizing to any other size shouldn't be a problem, just ask.

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apology entry - for personal journal too

... but pretty absent I guess. I don't even wanna look when I last updates this, brrr.
It's just that when I once start updating regularly I get kind of geeky and just sit in front of the computer etc. with I kinda want to avoid. I'm truly sorry for all people on my friends list who I totally cared about and still do although I have no idea what's going on in your life... But I don't want to start using my personal journal again 'cause I might get back to my geeky phase and I'm unsatisfied enough with my life right now, I don't need to hate me for doing nothing but computer all day long... guh, I'm kind of being an asshole here, I guess. But I can't do any more than apologising...

Anyway, tonight I was like REALLY bored. And since I kinda fell in love with Chace Crawford lately - I especially love him scruffy when he looks so much more adult ;) - so I made a wallpaper. Yes you heard correctly, one single wallpaper. But I'm still gonna post it. We're heading for christmas after all.

have fun with it, guys. Resizing to any possible sizes shouldn't be that big of a problem.



Due to lack of creativity and lack of a life *smirks*

So... come out of your hiding, watchers! Make requests. Up to now no restrictions since I don't expect that much requests anyway (as it was before). It'd be most awesome if you come with pictures though. But I guess I can work without as well, will just take longer *chuckles*

so, I should really go to bed now *heads desk*



WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with deviantart these days. It seems like it wants to punish me for being away so long. That .zip file you get with the blue texture set I didn't even create? The name is totally strange to me.

Okay, I now upload the correct zip file AGAIN (which takes like ages by the way)

there you go:

download finally
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Texture Set - Nuclear Explosion

Okay, I know I said I made icons but somehow I got into making textures this morning? Well now it's lunch time *grumbles* Another way to spend your morning ;D

So, I've got two texture sets for you.

Best use as backgrounds, for colouring and as light textures
download at deviantart

Best use as Light textures
download at deviantart

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Am I dead?

wuuuu, shame on me. How I neglected this community. It's simply a shame and I'm so sorry!

Well, all that I can say is that life was busy: School, work... And I sort of tried to get off the whole sitting-in-front-of-the-computer-all-day thing. Anyway, now are holidays and I am bored. I already started making some The Mentalist icons although they suck like hell. It seems like I lost my style *grumbles*

And please don't forget the Spam me with pictures entry. Again: It's NOT a request post. But I'd love you to leave pictures there and I'll add some "Spam me with pictures"-graphics to every entry. I like that idea ;D

Gonna go to bed now :)